Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My Boring Story ))


I wanted to properly introduce myself to anyone, who will be reading my blog. 

I am Anna and I love makeup like most of the ladies out there. 
~Love The World, and It Will Love You Back!~

I am not a professional makeup artist, although every now and then I just wish I had time to invest in some proper classes just for myself. I personally follow some great experts in this area like Samer, Goar and  Maya on instagram. They are true gurus! I can never figure out what it takes to be that perfect!

The links to their instagram are below the snapshots.

I get inspired everyday to practice, use new techniques and just enjoy looking in the mirror all refreshed and pretty. 

Since I am a new mom (my baby turned 6 months in August 2015), I want to compensate for the look of my post preganncy body with a nice looking face since I became very sensitive about my whole image. (It's called post-partum depression haha - or "I found something to blame for my weaknesses"). I mean eventually I will try to get back to my real self with gym exercises and proper nutrition but sleep deprivation and breastfeeding are just so exsausting - gym is the last thing on my list of daily to-dos. 
My World - Matthew
Yea, he Loves taking photos, Can you Tell?

So I have decided to share my personal experience with certain products I use on daily basis with you guys and talk about their pros and cons. 

Some products I have been using for years and can definitely identify their long term effects but some I am trying like most of you through samples, or simply because I felt like buying something new to play with. I have tons of makeup from various brands because I like to experiment and there is simply no perfect company for me that would have everything that I think I may need. I love brands like Makeup Forever, Sephora, Chanel, Dior, Sysley, Cell Cosmet, Lancome, Benefit, Too Face, Nars, and my latest favorite Younique and many others I can't remember right now. I am trying to switch to all natural makeup or with less harsh chemicals and ingredients because of the long-term side effects products containing those may cause. I mean we are exposed to too many chemicals in our daily lives already. 

Speaking of Younique, I have also decided to take an opportunity and turn my passion into a little business venture with Younique. 

My story with the company started by trying their magical eye lash mascara with 3D fibers. I saw it being advertised all over instagram by well-known makeup artists and always wondered what it was until one of my Facebook friends invited me to participate in a "Virtual Party" she hosted. I though it was a sign from above LOL and bought the mascara and fell in love with it instantly.  

I am also a stay-home mom and hated the fact I was tied and could not contribute financially to my independence . I hate asking for money to buy little things i need (like mascara, personal care products and other thingies). So I decided to join this movement and start making money myself through introducing my friends and then other women to this cosmetics company. I love some of the products. I am not saying all of them are that perfect but for a natural product most of it is of great quality and provide fantastic results. 
(Note, not all products are 100% natural)

If you want to find out about the company and Join to become a Presenter like me, please ask me and I will be more than happy to help. 

Now one more awesome fact about my life is that my Man is my Personal Stylist! He is a true Dream Come true :) All of my outfits are his vision of what his woman should look like and I simply play along)) I will be tagging the photos with the brands so that it is easier to search for them on the web if any of you are interested in the look. 

Thank you so much and I will see you back here in the Blog with the next post! 

Love You All!

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