Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What Facial Cleanser Do You Like / Recommend?

What Facial Cleanser Do You Like / Recommend? 

Please share with us the information about your favorite Facial Cleanser below in the comments. 
If you know about some treasure out there, it is your Duty to let the rest of the Ladies' World know. 

My Preferences:

I have been using Neutrogena Naturals Facial Cleanser for so many years that when another bottle ran out, I decided to try something else. I usually use some of the cleanser on my 

Smart Clarisonic 

and it does a great job cleaning the impurities off. (Thanks to my dear girlfriend, who recommended it some time ago). Although it took time for the skin to adjust and stop breaking out. 

Like everyone else I loooove samples and I tried some Products like Clinique and Clarisonic's own facial gel cleanser but none of those seem to be what I was looking for. 

So I was searching online for a great substitute with natural ingredients and actually was more than pleased to realize Younique has a facial Cleanser too. 

Illuminate Clean is made with Horse Chestnut, Ginko Biloba and Super Leaf Extracts. It is also good for normal/dry skin (Mine is mixed so it was perfect). 

It is very costly ($39 for 100ml/3.3fl oz vs $5.99 for 6fl oz) but I will give it a try anyway 
(i get 20% off through being a Youniqur Presenter). 

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I just ordered mine and I cannot wait to see the results. I will be using it separate without Clarisonic to see the effectiveness (they claim it to be super good in this video here  http://youtu.be/jFTc5Ba5RDE

but eventually will do a combo which is more effective anyway) 

You can purchase or check out the Illuminate cleanser here www.youniqueproducts.com/annazakrepine

Please Share Your Experience with Products Below.

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